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Latest Followers extension: OWN3D and Casperr are teaming up!

9/18/2023 • This changelog is only available in English • Version latest-followers-extension

Collaboration is at the heart of innovation, and OWN3D is excited to join forces with Casperr, the talented developer from the Latest Followers extension. Together, Casperr and OWN3D are taking the helm to co-manage one of the most famous extensions on Twitch. Read on to discover how this collaboration started and what it means for the future of streaming.

Why we joined forces

It all started with a conversation. OWN3D and Casperr discussed potential collaborations when Twitch introduced major changes that affected Casperr's famous Latest Followers Twitch extension. These changes required Casperr's server to handle a massive increase in traffic. Casperr reached out to OWN3D, and we responded quickly. Our infrastructure was ready to take the increased load, so we teamed up to ensure the Latest Followers extension runs smoothly.

“Their servers were already handling 100,000s of requests more than my lil' ol' one ever would, so adding Latest Followers' traffic in would be super easy, barely an inconvenience”, so Casperr.

Together, we are now working to keep the Latest Followers extension, as you know it, alive and thriving!

The start for future projects

This collaboration paves the way for future projects and extensions that could revolutionize your streaming setup. The possibilities are endless, and we're excited to explore what's next. We could create some exciting extensions that would benefit streamers everywhere. Who knows?

Discover OWN3D Pro - huge updates coming soon!

Let's look at OWN3D Pro – your all-in-one streaming tool. OWN3D Pro offers a range of widgets and extensions, including overlays, alerts, music, chatbot, stream widgets, and more. With the Visuals & Sound Alerts extension, you can create funny (or even viral) stream interactions AND monetize those epic moments as a Twitch Affiliate. Check it out!

Plus, OWN3D Pro is gearing up for huge updates that will make the tool even more powerful. Stay tuned and try it out! If you want to read a sneak peek about the upcoming changes, check out the news section in your OWN3D Pro dashboard - it’s worth it!

Casperr's awesome extensions

We also want to take the chance to show you some of Casperr’s other extensions. Casperr's creations are designed to engage your viewers uniquely, so check them out:

  • Featured Viewer: Viewers can use Bits to showcase their Twitch account, logo, and more under your stream. It's an excellent way for them to promote their channels or support yours. Check it out
  • Team Members: Display your Twitch Team members below your stream, making it easy for your fans to discover and connect with individual team members. Show your Team Members

FAQs about the Casperr x OWN3D Collaboration

How did this collaboration come about?

OWN3D and Casperr had been discussing collaborations, and when Casperr faced challenges with the Latest Followers extension due to Twitch's changes, Casperr turned to OWN3D for assistance.

What benefits does this collaboration offer streamers?

Streamers can expect a smooth experience with the Latest Followers extension even after the significant Twitch change. Plus, it opens the door to potential future projects and extensions.

How do you handle data and privacy in this collaboration?

We prioritize data privacy and adhere to all relevant data protection regulations. Your information is handled securely and responsibly by OWN3D. To learn more about our data handling practices, please refer to our TOS.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have more questions or need additional information about this collaboration. We're thrilled to embark on this journey with you and improve your streaming experience together.

René Preuß
Software Developer @ OWN3D
Hey I am René aka. GhostZero! I am one of the developers behind OWN3D Pro and also write the changelogs here. Enjoy your stay!