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How do I earn credits?

Subscribe to OWN3D Pro and get one free credit every month; these can be exchanged for exclusive stream assets!

What can I do with my credits?

You can buy stream assets of your choice with credits as an OWN3D Pro subscriber. You can see what you can buy directly in the "Stream Assets" menu item.

Do I also get credits without a subscription?

Credits are an exclusive benefit for OWN3D Pro subscribers and the many existing subscription features. Credits, therefore, require an OWN3D Pro subscription. 

Can I buy stream assets without a subscription?

Yes, you can! Just choose a stream asset of your choice and purchase it directly in OWN3D Pro. After your purchase, the stream asset will be available for download in OWN3D Pro. 

Will my credits remain even if I no longer have a subscription?

You can use your credits as long as you are subscribed to OWN3D Pro. Your credits will expire after your OWN3D Pro subscription has ended. If you cancel your OWN3D Pro subscription, use your credits before the subscription expires.

Will my purchased stream assets with credits remain if I no longer have a subscription?

Of course, you can always re-download your already purchased stream assets, even if you are no longer an OWN3D Pro subscriber.

How can I purchase stream assets on OWN3D Pro?

You can either purchase and unlock the stream assets as an OWN3D Pro subscriber with your credits or buy the products. 

What are the payment options?

You will see the payment methods as soon as you want to buy a stream asset. Of course, you can pay with all standard providers, such as PayPal, credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

I have not received any credits yet, even though I am a subscriber. What can I do?

By clicking on the golden coin in the dashboard, you will see when you will receive your next credit. This is tied to when you subscribed to OWN3D Pro. For example, if you subscribed on 1/1/2023, you will receive the first credit with your subscription, the next credit one month later, then another credit one month later, and so on. However, if you still haven't received any credit with your subscription, don't hesitate to contact our support directly.