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Goal Bars

Do I need an OWN3D Pro subscription to create a goal bar?

The goal bars, including all designs, are available to every OWN3D Pro user!

Where can I find my goal bar?

You can find your goal bars in OWN3D Pro on the left side of the menu in the "Tools" section.

Where can I add a new goal bar?

You can easily create a new goal by going to the  "Tools" section in the menu and clicking on "Goal bar". Here you can create your goal bar with a click on the "Create new goal bar" button.

How can I edit my goal bar?

To edit your goal bar, go to the "Tools" menu item and select "Goal bars" in OWN3D Pro. Here you have an overview of all your existing goals. If you want to edit one of them, click on "Edit goal bar" under your goal bar. You can make any adjustments you’d like in the menu that appears.

How do I add my goal bar to OBS Studio or other broadcasting software?

Once you have created and published a goal bar, you can click on the 3 dots and "Copy URL". Now you can paste it as a browser source into OBS Studio or any other such program.In OBS Studio, select the browser source in the desired scene in the "Sources" dock by clicking on the "+" symbol. After you have given the browser source a name, the Properties window will open. Paste the link to the "URL" section and click OK to finish the setup. The process is similar to other broadcasting tools.

Open the "Tools" section in the menu and select "Goal bars". Here you search for your goal bar and click on the 3 dots and "Copy URL". Now you can paste it as a browser source into OBS Studio or any other such program.

How can I change my goal bar design?

You can change the design of your goal bars by clicking on "Edit goal bar". This opens up the settings menu. Here, you can change the style, colors and font under the "Customize goal bar" menu element. 

How can I update my goal bar in OBS Studio?

The goal bar will update itself once you have edited and saved it. To update it manually anyway, you need to right-click on your goal bar browser source in OBS Studio and open the properties window. Here, click on the "Refresh cache of current page" button.

No; the goal bar updates automatically once you have saved it.

What happens when the goal bar end date is reached?

The goal bar remains in your scene, but you will see when the goal has expired. 

Can I extend the time for the goal bar?

Yes: open OWN3D Pro and go to the "Tools" menu select "Goal bars". Now you click on "Edit goal bar" on the goal you’d like to extend. A settings menu opens: here, you can extend the time by changing the "Goal end date".

How can I remove the goal bar?

To do so via the OWN3D Pro dashboard, go to the "Tools" menu select "Goal bars" and click on the slider next to "Edit goal bar" to deactivate the goal bar.

For a less permanent option, you can also delete the browser source directly in the broadcasting software you’re using. To do this, select the goal bar browser source and press "Delete" on your keyboard. You can also right-click on the source and click "Remove." Keep in mind that you will have to recreate the browser source if you’d like to use it again in the future!

Alternatively, you can simply hide the browser source in the broadcasting software by clicking on the eye icon. This way the source remains the same but is no longer visible on the livestream.

What happens with a follower goal if someone unfollows me?

If your goal bar shows a different number than expected (for example, because someone unfollows you or their subscription expires), you can click "Refresh cache of current page" directly in OBS Studio in the properties of your browser source. Also, every time you launch OBS Studio, it will show the up-to-date state of your followers, subscribers and more.

My donation goal does not update even though I received a donation.

Make sure that you received your donation through the own3d.pro donation link. If the donations are made through another donation tool, they cannot be displayed in the goal bar, because OWN3D Pro does not have access to it. But you can easily change your donation tool to OWN3D Pro: an additional benefit of doing so is that OWN3D Pro will also not deduct anything from your donations received through its donation page.