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Can I use a design I bought from OWN3D.tv?

Of course, you can upload the designs you purchased on OWN3D.tv. Simply create a new scene with the Scene Builder, click on "Add widgets", and choose the widget "Video" to upload your bought graphics. If you'd like to have the purchased OWN3D.tv overlay unlocked in OWN3D Pro, please contact our support team.

How do I contact support?

In the bottom left corner in your OWN3D Pro Dashboard you will find Help & Support. Simply click on it and select "24/7 Livesupport" to leave a nice message. You can also use our contact form.

Is OWN3D Pro legitimate?

We could write an eternally long text about our awesomeness and adulate ourselves, but that would be boring. Just take a look at Trustpilot to see what our customers are saying.

Where can I get panels for my designs?

In OWN3D Pro you will find the possibility to purchase Twitch panels, profile banners, and emotes in the menu item "Assets". You can also use your Credits to purchase some special stream assets in the OWN3D Pro asset store. Furthermore, you can buy panels, emotes, badges, and more on OWN3D.tv.

Is OWN3D Pro and OWN3D.tv the same?

No. OWN3D Pro offers you a streaming tool, with over 500 overlays and 500 alerts within one platform, which you can use with your monthly subscription, and vital widgets as well as Twitch extensions for your stream. In OWN3D.tv, you can create emotes, badges, and more - but you can also purchase overlays, panels, and other assets.

How do I submit suggestions for new features?

If you are looking for features that are not yet available or if you just have a cool idea, feel free to submit them in our discord server in our text channel "suggestions". Please note, however, that we cannot promise to implement all ideas.

Does OWN3D Pro work with Streamlabs too?

Yes! OWN3D Pro works with all known broadcasting tools, such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit, and many more which support browser sources.

Does it work with any console?

Yes, when you stream using a broadcasting tool of your choice and capture the console into your stream with a capture card, you can use our overlays. Just include the source "video capture device" (= capture card) into your scene in your broadcasting tool and the browser sources from OWN3D Pro. Please keep in mind that a capture card and a streaming PC are needed in order to stream from a console using an overlay.