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Where can I edit my alerts?

You can find your alert settings here. If you need a helping hand, find a guide to setting up and editing your alerts right here.

Where do I find the alert variations?

The alert variations are inside the alert settings. For example, if you want to add a variation to your subscriber alert, click on the alert set you want to edit > Subscriber > Edit Alert > + Add variation. Read more about editing your alerts here.

How can I integrate my alerts into a broadcasting tool?

If you need help integrating your alerts into a broadcasting tool, check out this video.

What’s the difference between the alert browser source and the alert widget within the Scene Builder?

The only difference is that you have an extra browser source inside your broadcasting tool if you use the browser link directly instead of the widget. If you want to work with the alert widget, you can choose it within the Scene Builder. Be aware you need to create your alert set first before integrating it as a widget.

How can I add sound effects to my alerts?

To edit the alert sound, select the alert set and the specific alert you wish to modify. Scroll down to locate the "Audio & Text-to-speech" section. Here, you can change the alert sound by uploading your own, selecting from Pro Sounds, or choosing from Epidemic Sound.