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OWN3D Chatbot

How can I set and add chatbot commands?

You can find the commands for your chatbot here. Click on "+ Add command" and create your own command, or use our command templates.

What can I do with the advanced command settings?

There are four advanced command settings: "Aliases" can be used to create different !commands for the same command. "Send as" defines if our chatbot answers within the chat or as a whisper message on Twitch. "Permissions" determine who can use the command (VIP, Mods, etc.). User cooldowns define how often a user can use the command at a certain time. If you set this time to 30 seconds, the user has to wait 30 seconds before he can use the command again.

When will the OWN3D Pro chatbot start to write into the chat?

As soon as you have created chat messages for your alerts, commands, timers, or Visuals & Sound Alerts chat messages, our chatbot supports your chat. Don't forget to set our chatbot as moderator (enter /mod OWN3D in your chat).

The chatbot won't join my chat. What can I do?

First, double-check that the chatbot isn't on your Twitch banned list. Sometimes, the OWN3D bot might be included in shared banned lists on Twitch. Once you've set up alert chat messages, timers, commands, or Visuals & Sound Alerts chat messages, the bot should join without any problems as soon as you go live. If the bot won't join, please contact our support team.

The chatbot doesn't work.

Please contact our support team. They can help you.

How can I remove the OWN3D Pro Chatbot?

Normally, the chatbot will leave the chat by itself when you are not live. However, if it still remains, even if you have deactivated everything in your OWN3D Pro dashboard (regarding moderation, commands, alert chat messages, etc.), please contact our support.