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What is the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

The OWN3D Pro Scene Builder is a tool designed for streamers to create professional overlays and scenes for their livestreams.

How does the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder work?

The Scene Builder offers a user-friendly interface where streamers can create and customize overlays and scenes or work with predefined templates for a quicker setup. If you need tutorials, check out our playlist on YouTube.

How can I change my overlay?

You can edit your elements, widgets, and more within every scene you create in My Scenes.

What elements can be customized with the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Streamers can customize various elements, including widgets, webcam frames, backgrounds, colors, and more, to match their brand and style. Try it out, you can use 300+ design elements for free!

Can I use my own assets with the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Yes, the Scene Builder allows you to upload and integrate your own assets, such as logos, images, videos, GIFs, and animations. You can also upload those packages you bought on OWN3D.tv.

Is the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder compatible with different streaming platforms?

Yes, the Scene Builder and its live widget are compatible with Twitch and YouTube. The tools available for Twitch may differ from those available for YouTube. Please check out the widgets for the different platforms directly inside the Scene Builder.

Do I need design skills to use the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

No, the Scene Builder is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no prior design experience. With the predefined templates, you can set up your overlays within minutes.

Are there pre-made templates available in the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Yes, the Scene Builder offers a variety of pre-made overlay templates that streamers can customize to their liking. We offer five free overlays for every user. Pro subscribers have access to more overlays, templates, and graphics.

Are there video tutorials for the Scene Builder?

Yes, we included several topics about the Scene Builder on YouTube. If you want to know more about the Scene Builder, please check out this playlist.

Are there written tutorials for the Scene Builder?

You can find a Scene Builder tutorial here if you prefer a written step-by-step guide and screenshots.

Is there customer support available for the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Yes, OWN3D provides customer support to assist users with any questions or issues they may encounter. For quick stream-related questions, you can ask our AI Stream Assistant.

Does the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder offer tutorials for beginners?

Yes, there are tutorials available to help users get started with the Scene Builder and master its features. You can check out the help section within the OWN3D Pro dashboard, or see our video tutorials here. There are written step-by-step tutorials as well.

Can I preview my overlays before applying them to my stream?

Yes, the Scene Builder provides a preview feature, allowing users to see how their overlays will look before applying them to their stream.

Is the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder subscription-based?

You can use the Scene Builder for free. We offer 300+ free design elements, free widgets, and five free overlays and alerts. If you want to create an even more unique overlay for your stream, you can upgrade to our OWN3D Pro subscription to unlock hundreds of overlays and alerts, including over 12.000 premium graphic elements within the Scene Builder.

Which scenes are integrated into the premade overlays?

The most common overlays are included in our overlay templates, like starting scene, just chatting, BRB, and more. Over 100 overlays in the OWN3D Pro subscription are modular. That means they are modifiable, and you can move all items, add texts to your needs, and more using the Scene Builder in OWN3D Pro. In addition to the over 100 customizable overlays, we also offer 400 overlay templates. These templates have fewer customizable elements but are perfect if you don't plan on making extensive edits.

Are there any restrictions on the number of overlays I can create with the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

As a free user, you can create up to six scenes. For Pro subscribers, there are no restrictions on the number of overlays users can create with the Scene Builder.

Is there a mobile app version of the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Currently, there isn't a mobile app version of the Scene Builder.

Can I create different scenes for different games or activities with the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Yes, users can create and save multiple scenes tailored for different games or activities.

Does the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder provide integration with third-party applications?

Yes, the Scene Builder offers integration with browser source-based tools.

Can I customize the color scheme of my overlays with the OWN3D Pro Scene Builder?

Yes, users have the flexibility to customize the color scheme of their overlays using the HUE filter to match their branding and preferences.

How can I implement the Scene Builder scenes into a broadcasting tool?

You must integrate the scene as a browser source into your broadcasting tool. You can see a video tutorial about this topic here or a written tutorial here.

Can I use a design I bought from OWN3D.tv?

Of course, you can upload the designs you purchased on OWN3D.tv. Simply create a new scene with the Scene Builder, click on “Add widgets”, and choose the widget “Video” to upload your bought graphics. If you'd like to have the purchased OWN3D.tv overlay unlocked in OWN3D Pro, please contact our support team.