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OWN3D Pro subscription

How does payment work?

We offer different payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card, Google Pay or Apple Pay, depending on your country. Subscriptions are automatically renewed after expiry.

Where can I find an invoice for my taxes?

You will receive an invoice from our payment provider Paddle, once the purchase has been finished.

Can I transfer my subscription to a new account?

No, unfortunately, that is not possible. But that’s something our support can do, only. Please make sure to always use the correct account to subscribe.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can manage your subscription at your OWN3D Pro Dashboard. Just click on "Subscription" and select "History". There you can manage your subscription. We won't stand in your way when you decide to go, but we will certainly miss you :(

Do I keep the overlays after quitting my subscription?

The overlays can be used during an active subscription only.

Where can I find my product key for the OWN3D Pro subscription I bought from OWN3D.tv?

If you've purchased a product key for OWN3D Pro on OWN3D.tv, you'll receive it via email (please also check your spam folder if you haven't received it) and can enter it in your account settings.If the email hasn't arrived, please contact our support.