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Refer a friend

You can find the Refer a friend dashboard with your referral link and an overview of all referred fellow streamers by clicking on your profile picture on own3d.pro in the menu item "Refer a friend."

When will I receive my rewards?

As soon as a user registers for OWN3D Pro for the first time through your link and subscribes to our OWN3D Pro service with the same account, you will be able to collect your reward for that user. 

When can I start using my rewards?

The rewards will be unlocked immediately and credited to your account as soon as you redeem them.

What are the rewards for referrals?

You can always find an overview of all the rewards you can get in your Refer a Friend dashboard.

Do I need an OWN3D Pro subscription to receive rewards?

No. Any OWN3D Pro user can earn rewards once a user first registers through their link and subscribes to OWN3D Pro with their account. 

Where can I see which users I have referred?

In the Refer a friend dashboard, you will find the overview of all referred friends and streamers. As soon as a user registers for OWN3D Pro using your link, they will be displayed in your dashboard.

Why can't I get my reward even though someone has subscribed?

You can collect your reward once per user subscribing to OWN3D Pro through your link. Once you have redeemed this reward, it will not be possible to redeem it again.

Once you subscribe to OWN3D Pro with the same account you registered with through a Refer a Friend link, you will receive a one-time extra credit for your first subscription period. With this, you can unlock stream assets of your choice, like panels or emotes. Also, the person who referred you can collect their reward after you subscribe to OWN3D Pro.