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Goal Bars

Goals give you a hands-on way to grow your community.

Set goals and achieve them with your viewers with the unique, customizable, and free OWN3D Pro goal bars! This tool is one of our many free features that every streamer needs.

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Create incentives for your community

The most common stream goals are follower, donation, and subscriber goals. But of course, you can let your creativity run wild. Once your community sees that you have a specific goal, they'll be more motivated to support you!

Adapt it to your overlay

You can easily customize the stream goals with your design to match your stream design. This way, they fit perfectly into your overall image.

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For any streaming tool

You can easily add your goal bar

Your OWN3D Pro goal bar is delivered as a browser source that you can add to any streaming tool. No matter if you use OBS Studio, Streamlabs, Twitch Studio, or other tools - create the browser source, insert the link and your goal bar is visible in your livestream.

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Individual designs

In our design library, you have enough choices to find the perfect design for you.

More interaction

You can boost activity in your Twitch chat and community with a predefined goal.

Automatic update

Your goal bar will update all by itself. You don't have to think about anything else!

Quickly create your goal bar and start streaming

You can create your goal bar in just a few minutes and integrate it into a broadcasting tool of your choice. So you have even more time for your content and your stream!

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Goal Bars
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